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GSP Expiration Guarantees Losses for Companies with Long-Term Contracts

A New Jersey-based company (that wishes to remain anonymous) recently told me why GSP’s expiration is particularly harmful to their business.  The company provides goods and services to hundreds of municipal water and sewer boards around the country, including those … Continue reading

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If Only Congress Wood Renew GSP

JELD-WEN began making wooden doors and windows in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1960.  From humble beginnings with just one mill and 15 employees, JELD-WEN has become one of the largest employers in Klamath County and one of the most admired … Continue reading

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GSP Expiration: How to Help Chinese Exporters While Raising Costs for Americans

Fittings, such as those seen to the right, are used in a variety of industries to connect pipes and tubes.  Last year, the US imported nearly $300 million worth of copper alloy fittings.  Most of these imports came from non-GSP … Continue reading

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There’s Always Room for GS-P

Nearly $80 million worth of gelatin sheets and derivatives entered the United States duty free in 2010 under GSP, accounting for 44% of total U.S. gelatin imports.  GSP saved American manufacturers $3.5 million last year, about the same as 2009.  … Continue reading

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Some Presidents Day History from the Coalition for GSP…

…and Wikipedia.  Apparently, Congress first created a holiday for government offices in Washington, DC in honor of George Washington in 1880.  Five years later, the holiday was expanded to cover all federal workers, and for the next 85 years government … Continue reading

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Updated GSP Coalition Annual Report Now Available

The Coalition for GSP recently updated its annual report to include 2010 trade data and other developments.  The report provides a comprehensive overview of GSP program administration, country and product eligibility, and trade statistics.  You can download a copy of … Continue reading

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Keeping Up with Renew GSP Today

A couple weeks back, we added the “Subscribe” option so people could get our posts automatically emailed to them.  The subscribe feature is located in the right side below the categories/links menus. You can also follow us on Twitter @renewgsptoday.

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Tires That Just Can’t Catch a Break

Ok, so that’s a bad play on words, but radial tires are one of the most valuable GSP imports.  In 2010, GSP imports of tires for passenger cars, trucks, and buses exceeded $725 million, saving American importers $29 million.  Thailand … Continue reading

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Digging Deeper into the 2010 GSP Import Data

The other day, we posted some quick hits on the year-end GSP import data for 2010 showing that total GSP imports were up 11% to $22 billion and that GSP saved American companies nearly $690 million. Over the last couple … Continue reading

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More GSP Coverage from Time

Time’s Swampland blog has a post today (Sleeping Bag Sessions) that calls GSP “wildly successful” and notes that “GSP is so popular it passed the House by voice vote.”  It also highlights the 80,000 American jobs supported by GSP imports. … Continue reading

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