New York Times Editorial on Congress, GSP Renewal

Today’s New York Times ran an editorial called No Way to Run a Trade Policy.  The article describes the current battle over the pending expiration of the Andean trade preferences and the TAA program and highlights GSP’s expiration last December.  In short, it argues that:

Lawmakers need to look beyond their noses and extend all three programs, including the now-defunct G.S.P.

The editorial ends with a call to arms:

The president and American business could start by giving Senate Republicans and Democrats a sharp push to pass these essential bills.

We agree completely.  If you’ve been hurt by the expiration of GSP, make sure your Senators and Representatives know about it. You can find contact info for all the Senators here and the Representatives here.  If you’re not sure who to call, contact us at 202-347-1085 and we’ll help you figure it out.

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4 Responses to New York Times Editorial on Congress, GSP Renewal

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  2. Alex shaw says:

    Products like traditional jewelry, handicrafts etc cannot be made in the usA because these require skilled people who have learned it from their forefathers and is a traditional thing for them

    People traveling abroad buy these things there and bring them as gifts and it becomes difficult for customs to identify and duty them

    Gsp program levels the field and gives local businesses a fair chance to compete with overseas retailers and helps businesses to remain competitive locally

    Certain products like jewelry in 22k gold have investment val and is aeries of wealth for a lot if Asian people and levying duty on those products diminishes it’s investment value and hence loss of spending and other revenues to the govt like sales tax and income tax etc etc

    People will buy big ticket items abroad because it would cost them almost 15% more here in the us Duty sales tax

    Apart from the above businesses that are viable because of the GsP generate jobs and spend money in the US hence contributing to the economy

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  4. Patrick Turner says:

    As if things were not bad enough now, the non-renewal of the gsp!
    Horse trading and playing cute-sie at a time when businesses are gasping for
    any kind of business is inappropriate to say the least.
    Get with the program and get this thing renewed!
    There are a lot of jobs and businesses on the line here… maybe even yours!!!!!

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