Renew GSP and Your Car Could Smell Better for Less!

Signature Products Group, or SPG, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The company manufactures and distributes “signature” accessories for cars and trucks under several well-known outdoor brands, such as Ducks Limited, Smith & Wesson, and Mossy Oak.  Recently, the MountainWest Capital Network named SPG the 6th fastest growing company in Utah in 2010.

SPG imports air fresheners from Thailand, which are were eligible for GSP benefits until the end of 2010.  GSP waived the 6.0 percent tariff on air fresheners for GSP countries like Thailand, India, and Turkey, reducing the wholesale cost of air fresheners by about a half a million dollars in 2010.

GSP also helps those countries compete with imports from China, the source of more than 35 percent of all U.S. air freshener imports.  No one gains from increased prices on air fresheners – not the exporters in developing countries, not the companies like SPG that sell the products, and certainly not the drivers/passengers that might otherwise enjoy a fresh vanilla scent in the car.

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