U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk Asks Congress to Renew GSP

This morning, Ambassador Ron Kirk, the U.S. Trade Representative, called on Congress to renew GSP program.  As part of his opening remarks this morning at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the Obama administration’s overall trade agenda, Kirk stated:

Congress should also keep faith with the world’s poor and create American jobs by renewing the Generalized System of Preferences and the Andean Trade Preferences Act and doing so for as long a period as possible.

Despite strong bipartisan support in Congress, there are no immediate plans to pass legislation to renew GSP.  Companies harmed by GSP’s expiration can make a difference by calling and writing their representatives – as often as they feel is necessary to get the point across.  Companies can follow these links to find contact information for all Senators and Representatives.

If you need more help or would like to be part of a more coordinated renewal effort, you can contact the Coalition for GSP.

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2 Responses to U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk Asks Congress to Renew GSP

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