Texas’ Oil & Gas Industries Could See Prices Go Up Because of GSP Expiration

Socotherm LaBarge, a joint venture formed in 2007 between (Argentinian) Socotherm Americas and (American) LaBarge Coating, provides custom coating for steel pipes used by the energy industry.  The company’s state-of-the-art facility in Channelview, Texas can handle pipes up to 4′ in diameter and 83′ long – while its private rail spur and barge dock ensure easy access to and from the Port of Houston.

Socotherm LaBarge imports primary form propylene copolymers from Brazil, one of the materials used for the pipe coatings.  Before its expiration, GSP reduced costs for companies like Socotherm LaBarge by eliminating the 6.5 percent import tariff on these materials.

Socotherm LaBarge’s coatings help prevent corrosion, which is crucial since the pipes must function in some of the harshest conditions on earth, from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico to the Alaskan wilderness.  (Note: If you have a few minutes, click the image to watch a video on the coating process.)

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