Calling All GSP Importers!!!

UPDATE:  The GSP Supporter List will “go live” once we reach 100 company/association signatures.

To add your name to the “GSP Supporter List,” send us an email with your with company name and location. The more details you can provide, the better we can use the info in our efforts to renew GSP as quickly as possible. For more info,

Since starting this site in January, we’ve received numerous emails and calls from companies asking about GSP renewal, so we decided to create a new “GSP Supporter List.”  It will be similar to past open letters, but without a set deadline to sign.  Here are the details:

  • GOAL:  Collect a list of company names (with locations) that support GSP renewal to post on the website. We’ll also include “new supporters” in our regular updates to Congressional staff.
  • HOW TO ADD YOUR NAME TO GSP SUPPORTER LISTSend us an email with company name and location.  Feel free to include comments about what you import, from where, or the impact of expiration) and we may post that info as well!
  • HOW TO BE A PART OF THE BROADER NARRATIVE:  Please indicate in your email if you’re willing to speak to the press.  An article in the local paper is a great way to get members of Congress interested in GSP renewal!

Again, you can add your name by emailing here.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

NOTE:  We will not add anyone’s name to the supporter list without their explicit permission, so please send another email, even if you’ve contacted us in the past.

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