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First GSP Expiration Poll Response

I’d like to send my sincerest thanks to our first poll respondent who not only answered every question, but is allowing me to post the “additional comments.”  The following is the entire response from a “very small” company of less … Continue reading

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POLL: What is the Cost of GSP Expiration for YOUR Company?

Through February (the latest data available), GSP expiration cost American companies $100 million.  We’re nearly in May, meaning that the real cost of expiration to date is likely double that amount. Yet what people really want to know is how … Continue reading

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Failure to Act on GSP: “Making it Even More Difficult to Recover”

Most of the companies that add their name to the GSP Supporter List don’t provide much additional commentary. That’s too bad.  Small business owners and employees, which seem to be the majority of the people contacting us, must deal with … Continue reading

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GSP Expiration Adds to US Manufacturing Woes

Given the name/purpose of this site, we focus primarily on the direct impacts of GSP renewal.  What we probably don’t focus on enough is how GSP duties pile on to a host of other challenges American companies currently face.  Yesterday, … Continue reading

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GSP Supporter List by CD

We updated the GSP Supporter List by CD to reflect the companies added over the last week. (Note: updated again on 5/3.) Currently, the list shows only headquarters locations, so the geographical “footprint” of the companies is actually much greater.  … Continue reading

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Congress “at Home” This Week – Make Sure to Talk to Them

Congress is out of DC for one more week for the Easter/Passover recess, meaning most Reps will be holding events in the home districts/states before returning next week.  This is a great chance to meet your reps in person and … Continue reading

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Happy Easter from Renew GSP Today

This Sunday, millions of children will wake up with a basket full of candy, eggs, and other goodies.  According to the National Confectioners Association, Easter is the second biggest holiday of the year for confectionery purchases (after only Halloween).   … Continue reading

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