GSP Supporter List Hits 150 Orgs; Admin Calls Once Again for Attention to Preference Programs

As of this afternoon, the GSP Supporter List hit 150 companies/associations. Thanks to everyone who’s helped pass along information about our efforts or found us on their own and decided to sign on.  More than half of the signatories have never participated in any of the Coalition’s previous outreach or lobbying efforts, meaning there are lots of new people letting Congress know how important GSP is to American companies.

In other news, USTR used its testimony at yet another House Ways & Means Committee hearing on the pending free trade agreements to highlight the need for a broad trade agenda.  This afternoon, Deputy USTR Demetrios Marantis stated that “Congress must now work on passing a comprehensive trade policy – one that includes…our preference programs.” Marantis becomes the 3rd USTR official to call attention to the preferences programs, following USTR Kirk in February and Deputy USTR Miriam Sapiro at the end of March.

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