GSP Exporter Countries Weigh in on GSP Renewal

Yesterday, the Ambassadors to the United States from nine GSP beneficiary countries sent a joint-letter to Congressional leadership urging GSP renewal.  A copy of the letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Baucus is available here.  The Hill newspaper picked up on the story yesterday afternoon.

The countries represent some of the largest GSP exporters, including Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, as well as smaller countries like Kosovo, Mongolia, and Uruguay.  The letter highlights the loss in market share for GSP-eligible products, the increased costs for US producers, and job loss in their respective countries.

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1 Response to GSP Exporter Countries Weigh in on GSP Renewal

  1. Thanks for the coverage. I’ve been working with the group to help them organize. It’s a critical issue to these countries in which the impacts of non-renewal are real and visceral. Although the coalition includes some of the larger users of GSP, it includes vulnerable and smaller economies as well, such as three-year-old Kosovo from which more than 50 percent of its U.S. imports entered under GSP in 2010; Paraguay for which 71% of its imports last year entered under GSP; countries whose exports are less diverse including Mongolia, Nepal, and Uruguay; and Sri Lanka which is seeking to recover after a more than three decades-long war. The diversity of the coalition members represents the range of opportunities that GSP gives to people’s lives, businesses, and futures – and now does not.

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