Sharing Means Caring….About GSP Renewal

Site traffic is way up over the last two days, but not from the usual sources (e.g., google searches, links we’ve sent, etc.).  In fact, we haven’t been able to track them at all.  That likely means one thing:  you all are forwarding the links to colleagues in volumes that we have not seen to date. 

The hits are concentrated on the Email Your Representatives and Email Your Senators pages and are generating lots of contacts to Congressional offices.  Emails we’ve received describe tariff costs ranging from just $1,000 to more than $1 million, so don’t be shy about telling your reps exactly how you’ve been affected, no matter how small the cost might seem.

On behalf of all the companies importing under GSP, thanks for showing you care about GSP renewal by sharing this site with your friends and associates.  Keep it up!

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