US Chamber Tells Congress to Renew GSP

We want to thank the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its blog post yesterday: Hey Congress, Don’t Forget to Renew GSP, highlighting our website and many of the grassroots efforts (e.g., GSP Supporter List, email tools, etc.) undertaken over the last several months.  The post ends with an important message:

As Congress and the Administration move ahead on a potential “grand bargain” on trade this summer, they must include a renewal of the GSP program. American businesses, small and large alike, depend on it.

The Chamber is a longtime supporter of the Coalition for GSP and we cannot thank our friends there enough for their hard work on this issue over the years.

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One Response to US Chamber Tells Congress to Renew GSP

  1. A great comment! Thanks so much. The Coalition of GSP Countries is also urging Congress to renew GSP as quickly as possible. Their letter, signed by nine Ambassadors, can be found at It includes an appendix of country-specific examples of the vital importance of the GSP. The Coalition is comprised of a geographically and economically diverse group of GSP users – Indonesia, Kosovo, Mongolia, Nepal, Paraguay, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Uruguay. The impacts of no GSP in these countries are tangible and visceral. Hard-won U.S. markets are being lost, as illustrated by the fact that U.S. imports of GSP-eligible items are down by 24 percent (Jan-April 2011) as compared to the same period last year. This is in stark contrast to the 18 percent for all U.S. imports. A bad disparity calling for urgent action!

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