Coalition for GSP: Press Release on Senate Action

The Coalition for GSP put out a press release this morning applauding passage of the GSP/TAA bill last night by the Senate.  Click here to download a copy of the press release.

Quotes from release:

Laura Baughman, Executive Director of the Coalition for GSP: “A large and growing chorus of American companies and trade associations has been urging Congress to renew the GSP program. After paying millions of dollars in new tariffs, many of these companies are at their breaking point. We look forward to working with all Members of the House of Representatives for the swift passage of this legislation.”

Daniel Anthony, Research Director of the Coalition for GSP: “Retroactive reauthorization of the GSP program will infuse hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy. This money will help American companies, and primarily small businesses, hire new employees, expand their operations, and get the U.S. economy moving in the right direction – House action on the bill cannot come soon enough.”

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