Updated GSP Supporter List by CD

With its most recent update, our Supporter List now includes companies operating in 48 states and 292 congressional districts.  You can download the list of GSP Supporters by district here.  You can add your company name by emailing here.

New York’s 14th (Carolyn Maloney) is the top district with nine companies.  California’s 30th (Henry Waxman) comes in second with eight companies, while Georgia’s 7th (Robert Woodall),  Indiana’s 3rd (Marlin Stutzman), Iowa’s 1st (Bruce Braley), Michigan’s 11th (Thad McCotter), New Jersey’s 12th (Rush Holt), New York’s 29th (Tom Reed), Oregon’s 3rd (Earl Blumenauer), and Tennessee’s 2nd (John Duncan) all tied for third with seven companies.  Nineteen other districts had at least five companies.  You can reach out to these and other offices with our Email Your Representatives page.

At the state level, the top five includes California (73), Illinois (49), Texas (46), New York (40), and Georgia (39).  Twenty-four states have 10 or more GSP Supporter locations.

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