Give Me One Good Reason to Renew GSP…

Yesterday, we noted that the stage is set for final House consideration of the GSP bill.  Timing for the final vote is unclear at the moment, but companies can use our Email Your Representatives page to urge support for this bill.

In addition, we’re looking for 1-2 sentences from companies on why Congress should renew GSP immediately.  The more personal for your company, the better.

UPDATED: Just submit a quote on our new Tumblr site with some basic info (name, company, city, state, and zip).

I’ll get the ball rolling with a generic quote on the impacts of expiration….

“GSP expiration costs American companies nearly $2 million per day in unnecessary taxes – money that could be better spent hiring workers, maintaining benefits, or investing in new equipment.”

Dan Anthony
Coalition for GSP
Washington, DC 20010

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2 Responses to Give Me One Good Reason to Renew GSP…

  1. Yulia Zhamgotseva says:

    GSP expiration has had a huge negative impact on the strategy of our small business, and we had to cancel our plans of increasing workforce for this year. More than that, we are still doing business on belief that GSP will be renewed and we will recuperate; but if it will be not, we will have to come up with new product strategy and sales strategy, and we don’t have our hopes high that it will be feasible at this point.

    Yulia Zhamgotseva
    Atlantis Pak USA, Inc.
    Miami, FL

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