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New State Reports and Importer Map Show Who’d Be Hurt If Congress Doesn’t Renew GSP

This morning, we updated our state reports page to include 2012 reports for all 50 states. The reports are included in our new map (below) that highlights companies importing GSP-eligible products throughout the country. The toolbar (right) provides fast facts … Continue reading

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More Companies Call on Congress to Renew GSP

This morning, we added our newest company to the GSP Supporter List: Ferndale, Washington-based Kona Bicycle Company.  Located in 1st Congressional District, the 27-employee company imports from Cambodia under GSP. Kona isn’t the only new company calling on Congress to … Continue reading

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A Pro-Import Policy Agenda: Renew GSP Today

Throughout the week, we’ve written about how GSP supports American jobs, reduces costs for families (whether they know it or not), improves the competitiveness of American manufacturers, and promotes development. Sounds great, right? There’s just one problem: GSP is set … Continue reading

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GSP Promotes Global Development

So far, we have focused on how the GSP program benefits the United States, whether we’re talking about American jobs, families, or manufacturing. But we need to remember the primary purpose of GSP: to provide developing countries with a way … Continue reading

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GSP Helps American Manufacturers Compete

Yesterday, we showed some everyday household items (plates, picture frames….wine) that receive duty-free treatment under GSP and reduce costs for American families in the process.  Yet while families often save money from GSP unknowingly, manufacturers incorporate GSP into their sourcing … Continue reading

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GSP Savings Hit Home (Mine and Probably Yours)

GSP provides clear benefits to American families by eliminating taxes on a variety of food products and home goods.  In 2012, GSP eliminated nearly $280 million in import taxes on those products alone. But instead of talking about how GSP … Continue reading

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GSP and Jobs, American Jobs

The GSP trade program was created in the 1970s to promote development in poor countries through “trade, not aid.”  Over the years, GSP has had a positive impact on jobs where some might not expect it: here in the United … Continue reading

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