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While Congress Delays, American Companies Pay

Last Friday, Politico had an article about the (really) do-nothing Congress. According to the article: “So far, this Congress has only enacted 49 laws, the fewest since at least 1947, when the Congressional Record began tallying legislative activity on a … Continue reading

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Retailer on GSP Expiration: “There is no gain for any party here.”

As is so often the case, those closest to the situation can describe it the best. A retailer stuck paying GSP tariffs on shipments coming in for the holiday season emailed us the following: “Assuming the GSP will eventually pass … Continue reading

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GSP Importers In Their Own Words

This comes from a recent GSP supporter list company that imports from India, Indonesia, and Nepal: We are a company located in a small town where the economy is fragile and the rate of unemployment is very high. If we … Continue reading

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Top States Impacted by the First Two Months of GSP Expiration

As noted yesterday, GSP expiration cost American companies more than $56 million in September alone, and more than $110 million through the first two months. Not surprisingly, big states pay the most, but companies in all states are stuck paying … Continue reading

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GSP Expiration Cost American Importers Another $56 Million in September

Based on data released today by the U.S. government, GSP expiration cost U.S. importers $56.5 million in September – about $20,000 more than it cost in August. In those first two months, that works out to about $1.85 million for … Continue reading

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GSP Retroactive Renewal Survey: Quote of the Day 2

The other day, we highlighted a comment on the impacts of GSP expiration made by a small manufacturer with operations in both Ohio and Texas. Today, we wanted to share the thoughts of a small business owner in the Cincinnati … Continue reading

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375 American Organizations Now Calling on Congress to Renew GSP

Two more companies added their names to the GSP Supporter List today, bringing the total to 375 American companies and associations calling for the immediate, retroactive renewal of the GSP program. The 350+ companies on the list are incredibly diverse… … Continue reading

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