GSP Retroactive Renewal Survey: Quote of the Day

A number of companies have responded to our survey on the importance of a retroactive renewal, but we wanted to highlight one comment made by a small manufacturer with operations in both Ohio and Texas. (If you haven’t answered the survey yet, be sure to do so here.)

In just three short sentences, this person hits on a number of issues: the importance of a retroactive renewal, how GSP helps American manufacturing and exports, and how companies feel about policymakers’ inability to get anything done. So without further ado…

Not providing for a retroactive GSP renewal would cost our company a significant portion of our annual profits.  We import components, duty free, in order to manufacture and export value-added goods worldwide.  It is completely unacceptable that the United States has such an inept Congress and Executive branch that cannot manage the routine legislation necessary to allow US-based companies to compete.

Again, if you’re paying higher taxes because GSP expired, please take a moment to answer the survey. Company responses like this one are vital to our efforts to educate Congress about the harm GSP expiration is causing and the need to pass a swift, retroactive renewal.

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