375 American Organizations Now Calling on Congress to Renew GSP

Two more companies added their names to the GSP Supporter List today, bringing the total to 375 American companies and associations calling for the immediate, retroactive renewal of the GSP program. The 350+ companies on the list are incredibly diverse…

  • They are headquartered in 40 states (plus DC) and 200+ congressional districts, but operate in every state (and likely every district).
  • They range from sole proprietors to some of the largest corporations in the world, but about 80% are small businesses with 100 or less employees, and the median number of employees is just 17.
  • GSP savings range from as little as $1,000 to millions of dollars per year.
  • They import from more than a quarter of GSP-eligible countries, including: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ecuador, Egypt, Georgia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, and Uruguay.

In fact, the only thing all these companies have in common is that they are paying unnecessary taxes because Congress allowed GSP to expire in July and will face continued uncertainty as long as GSP remains expired.

If you’re not yet on the list, be sure to add your name here. If you are on the list, you can help us learn about the impacts of GSP expiration by answering this survey.

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