So Close to 450 GSP Supporters…

Yesterday, we added four new organizations to the GSP supporter list:

  • Haribo in Baltimore, MD
  • Oceanic Linkways in North Brunswick, NJ
  • SAM HPRP Chemicals in Eden Prairie, MN
  • The National Fisheries Institute

In total, the brings us to 446 organizations that want – and need – Congress to renew GSP. If we added four yesterday, we can do it again today. So if you’re not on the supporter list yet, be sure to add your name here.

If you’re a company on the list, be sure to send this link to colleagues at other companies that may be impacted or to industry associations of which you’re a member and ask them to sign on as well.

And if you’re an association on the list, be sure to send this to member companies that you know (or even think) may be one of those paying a collective $2 million every day that GSP remains expired.

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