463 Organizations Sign Letter Urging Congress to Renew GSP

This week, more than 460 American companies and organizations sent a joint letter to every Member of Congress with a simple message: we cannot wait any longer for Congress to renew GSP.

The signatories included 23 associations and 440 companies located in 43 states, 237 congressional districts, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The letter sent to all Senators broke down the signatories by state, while the letter sent to all Representatives sent to broke them down by district.

And that’s just so far: since the letter was finalized yesterday two new companies – Costa Tropicals and Flowers in Miami (FL-25) and MC Imports in Waseca (MN-1) – added their name to the GSP Supporter List. (If you’re not yet on that list, you can add it here.)

Yet the Coalition sending the letter is not enough. If GSP expiration is impacting you, be sure to send the letter as well to your Senators and Representatives with a personal note about why it is important for your business that Congress renew GSP immediately!

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