GSP Expiration Survey (Requested by Member of Congress)

A few weeks back, a number of companies and business associations had an in-district meeting with a Member of Congress that would like to become more engaged on GSP renewal. But first, this Congressman would like to learn more about the impacts of GSP expiration.

So we designed the following survey answer the Congressman’s specific questions about how companies are dealing with expiration. Please take a moment to answer this important survey.

All data will be kept confidential and no company-specific answers will be attributed unless you explicitly grant permission in a follow up conversation. If you have any questions, please contact Dan Anthony at the Coalition for GSP here .

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4 Responses to GSP Expiration Survey (Requested by Member of Congress)

  1. Hetal Patel says:

    Please renew GSP ASAP.



  3. Jodi Baarstad says:

    Please renew Today ! Help save my business.

  4. Ajay Kochhar says:

    We currently can not increase sales on the items that are being effected by the gsp tariff rates- if this continues I will have to lay-off employees or raise prices –

    Due to other competitors who under cut and think they will get reimbursed will not raise prices- so most likely will have to cut employee to keep cost savings in line

    Also I use temp services for employees which also may take a hit

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