Companies in 278 Congressional Districts Now Calling on Congress to Renew GSP

Yesterday, we added three new companies to the GSP supporter list: Aapico Forging in Stamford, Connecticut, Mutual Wheel Company in Moline, Illinois, and Alum-Tech Corp. in West Melbourne, Florida.

Aapico Forging was the 8th company company headquartered in Connecticut’s 4th District, while Mutual Wheel company was the 2nd company in Illinois’ 17th District, but Alum-Tech was the first company from Florida’s 8th District.

That makes 607 companies and associations – headquartered in 278 congressional districts – urging Congress to renew GSP. Put differently, 64% of all Representatives have at least 1 constituent company calling for GSP renewal.

As we’ve shown previously, the companies actively calling for GSP renewal are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the companies that likely would benefit. If you’re not yet on the supporter list, you can add your name for free here.

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