NEW REPORT: Lost Sales, Investments, and Jobs – Impact of GSP Expiration After One Year

A report released today by the Coalition for GSP adds further urgency to the need to Congress to renew GSP immediately. The report, Lost Sales, Investments, and Jobs: Impact of GSP Expiration After One Year, catalogs the impacts of GSP expiration on more than 200 companies and shows that delayed renewal is forcing companies to take drastic actions.

For example, Matrix Metals laid off 75 workers at facilities in Iowa and Texas, while Vispak LLC in Minnesota is going out of business completely. These are just two of the numerous examples cited in the report, which is can be downloaded here. You can also download a copy of the Coalition’s press release here.

If you’re a company being impacted by GSP expiration, please help us publicize the findings by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can use the share buttons below to do so.

Sending the report to your Representatives and Senators also would provide a great opportunity to ask what concrete steps they are taking to get GSP renewed (particularly since many will be asking for your vote in the next 6 weeks).

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