Which States’ Companies Are Paying Higher Taxes Because of GSP Expiration? All of Them.

As we posted the other day, GSP expiration cost American companies $55 million in new taxes in November 2014, bringing the total taxes paid from August 2013 to November 2014. With GSP expiration, it’s not the case that just a few areas are impacted. Companies in every state are paying higher taxes, as shown on the graphic below.

GSP_Tariffs_Paid_by_State_Aug2013-Nov214Taxes paid range from a high of $134 million in California to a low of $153,000 in South Dakota. Even states with low(er) total taxes paid often bear the brunt for specific products. For example:

  • South Dakota accounted for more than a third of taxes paid on wooden statuettes from Sri Lanka;
  • Wyoming accounted for more than 80 percent of taxes paid on bone char imports from Brazil,
  • West Virginia accounted for more than 80 percent of taxes paid on iron cores for ignition systems from Thailand.

This often reflects a single importer being hit with higher taxes on niche products. And they will continue to do so until Congress renews GSP.

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