NEW SURVEY: Potential GSP Reauthorization Impacts

Yesterday bipartisan legislation to renew GSP was introduced in both the House and Senate. As noted, if approved the legislation would:

  • reauthorize GSP through December 31, 2017
  • refund tariffs paid on most GSP-eligible imports (imports from Russia and Bangladesh would be precluded from refunds)

The GSP provisions are part of a “preferences package” that also extends duty-free benefits on certain imports from Africa and Haiti. That “preferences package” was one of several trade bills introduced yesterday, including Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA).

While introduction is certainly good news, it is just the first step. Importers must continue to show why swift passage of the GSP legislation is critical, particularly as other parts of the trade agenda – namely TPA and TAA – remain controversial.

So we’re launching what we hope will be our last survey of GSP companies for a loooooooong time. As specific timelines for next steps are unclear, please respond as soon as possible.

Similar to past surveys, all data will be kept confidential and no company-specific answers will be attributed unless you explicitly grant permission. If you have any questions, please contact Dan Anthony at the Coalition for GSP here.

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One Response to NEW SURVEY: Potential GSP Reauthorization Impacts

  1. dinesh says:

    It is impacting or small business ,duty cost has doubled, cant not afford and can not make up so have to cut employee hours .

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