5 More Companies Join the GSP Supporter List

While Congress tries to figure out next steps for the GSP renewal legislation passed by the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees last week, five new companies have joined the group of American organizations urging Congress to renew the program. In total, there are now 696 companies and associations publicly supporting GSP renewal.

The companies are now headquartered in 46 states and 293 congressional districts (plus DC and Puerto Rico) and 81 percent are small businesses with 100 or less employees. The typical company has just 15 employees.


Despite going on nearly 2 years of GSP expiration, we continue to hear from new companies all the time. And we’re not just hearing from folks with minor impacts: among the 13 companies that joined the supporter list in April, combined tariffs paid to date because of GSP expiration were at least $1.4 million (several did not report their tariffs paid).

While everyone loves round numbers, hopefully Congress can get GSP renewal legislation over the finish line before we hit 700 GSP supporters (or more).


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