Happy New Year! (aka 364 Days Until GSP Expires)

glowing-happy-new-year-images2017 is officially here!

Unfortunately, that means American companies will face millions of dollars per day in new taxes in unless Congress passes – and the new President signs – legislation extending the GSP program in the next 364 days.

GSP renewal faces special challenges as an “import-only” program. The experience in 2013 shows both the harm inflicted on GSP importers by expiration and the difficulty in getting Congress to refocus on GSP renewal once the action-forcing event (i.e., scheduled expiration) passes.

The Coalition for GSP does not believe that doing “more of the same” will be enough to pass renewal legislation in 2017. In the coming weeks, the Renew GSP Today website will undergo some big changes, including new tools to help GSP users advocate for renewal. Beyond the website, there are a number of other potential initiatives planned for 2017. Please let us know which ones you might participate in here.

The Coalition can provide tools and encouragement, but GSP users must engage early and often to build support for renewal. The link above highlights some ways to get engaged. It’s never too late to answer our GSP renewal impact survey. More opportunities certainly will arise over the year.

The only way to receive information about GSP renewal (as opposed to providing info to support it) is to join the Coalition for GSP. Coalition members receive regular updates on GSP renewal that is not available from any other source. Membership helps companies make educated sourcing decisions given the uncertainty created by GSP expiration, while member dues fund all of the Coalition’s work. This form allows you to determine your company-specific dues and/or to join the Coalition.

December 31, 2017 will be here sooner than we know it. With a new Congress and Administration, GSP importers must redouble their efforts to show the importance of the GSP program for American companies and workers. The Coalition for GSP looks forward to working with you in 2017 to build support for legislation renewing GSP!

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