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7 New Organizations Call on Congress to Renew GSP

With Congress returning to DC and companies beginning to feel the sting of expiration, more and more American organizations are calling for immediate renewal of the GSP program.The map below shows the 20+ companies and associations – based in 16 … Continue reading

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GSP and Arizona: Fast Facts

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program eliminates U.S. tariffs (i.e., taxes) on certain imports from developing countries. GSP imports in 2011 totaled $18.5 billion and the program saved American companies more than $700 million. GSP saved Arizona companies an … Continue reading

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8 Senators Oppose Cloture Vote for GSP

The Senate passed the cloture motion this evening by a vote of 84-8.  All eight “no” votes came from Republicans, including: Alabama: Senator Jeff Sessions (R); Senator Richard Shelby (R) Arizona: Senator Jon Kyl (R); Senator John McCain (R) Louisiana: … Continue reading

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Impacts of GSP Expiration on the 50 States

As the debate over GSP moves to the Senate, our focus has been on the state-level impacts of GSP expiration (as you may have noticed here and here). Below is our latest fact sheet showing how GSP expiration impacts different … Continue reading

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First Batch of GSP State Reports

Reduced posting hasn’t meant reduced work.  Instead, we’ve been creating the state-by-state reports on the impacts of GSP expiration with the new trade data that came out last week.  Below is the first batch of reports for Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, … Continue reading

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More Excerpts from Letters to Congress

As long as we keep receiving copies of emails sent to Congressional trade staffers through our Email Yours Senators and Email Your Representatives pages, we’ll post excerpts that effectively tell the story of GSP expiration, so please coming them coming. … Continue reading

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“We Could Hire Another Employee if GSP is Renewed”

That’s from one of the newest responses to our GSP expiration poll.  More than 75 percent of this small, Arizona-based company’s revenues come from products imported under GSP, so it has experienced across-the-board cost increases since GSP expired. Often, the … Continue reading

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