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GSP Saved American Companies $62 Million in August 2016

In August, the GSP program saved American companies $62 million on about $1.6 billion in imports. The value of GSP imports increased by about 5 percent, while tariff savings increased by about 11 percent compared to August 2015. Overall, GSP … Continue reading

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$1.31 Billion in Automatic GSP Refunds – Broken Down by State

Based on newly available July 2015 trade data, American companies paid about $1.3 billion in higher import taxes while GSP was expired between August 2013 to July 2015. With the retroactive GSP renewal, nearly all of that will be refunded … Continue reading

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GSP Renewal Immediately Benefiting Companies in the Carolinas

GSP has only been back in effect for a week, but we’re already hearing positive things from companies about the impacts. Take Thompson Traders in Greensboro, North Carolina, which manufactures and sells hand-hammered copper sinks for kitchens and baths. GSP … Continue reading

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American Manufacturers Face Higher Costs Because of Continued GSP Expiration

Like the jobs debate, many people assume that if exports are goods for US manufacturers, imports must be bad. When it comes to GSP, nothing could further from the truth. Raw materials, components, and parts have accounted for more than … Continue reading

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Which States’ Companies Are Paying Higher Taxes Because of GSP Expiration? All of Them.

As we posted the other day, GSP expiration cost American companies $55 million in new taxes in November 2014, bringing the total taxes paid from August 2013 to November 2014. With GSP expiration, it’s not the case that just a … Continue reading

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GSP Expiration Impacts: Small NC Manufacturer Delays Needed Investments

Xpres LLCĀ  imports ceramic drink ware products (e.g., coffee mugs) from Thailand under GSP and then provides custom imprinting at its factory in Winston Salem, North Carolina. As a result of GSP expiration, this small manufacturer has paid more than … Continue reading

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One Day of GSP Expiration – Who Paid the Price on July 17?

We frequently note that each day of GSP expiration costs American importers nearly $2 million in additional taxes. We also highlight the diverse GSP importers that are on the supporter list. But we don’t know how many other GSP importers … Continue reading

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