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GSP Saved American Companies $59 Million in September 2016

In September, the GSP program saved American companies $59 million on about $1.5 billion in imports. While the value of GSP imports decreased by about 5 percent, the tariff savings only decreased by 0.3 percent compared to September 2015. Overall, … Continue reading

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GSP Saved American Companies $663 Million in 2015

In 2015, the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program saved American companies more than $660 million on $17.4 billion in imports. The infographic below highlights some other key facts and figures about the GSP program for 2015.

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GSP Survey Responses from Companies in Ways and Means Districts

The House Ways and Means Committee is currently holding a hearing on the trade agenda, so it seems appropriate to highlight survey responses from companies located in Ways and Means members’ districts. You can see previous survey responses here, here, … Continue reading

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More than 400 American Organizations Calling on Congress to Renew GSP

Six more companies added their names to the GSP Supporter List since yesterday, bringing the total to 404 American companies and associations calling for the immediate, retroactive renewal of the GSP program. The 380+ companies on the list are incredibly … Continue reading

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GSP Importers In Their Own Words

This comes from a recent GSP supporter list company that imports from India, Indonesia, and Nepal: We are a company located in a small town where the economy is fragile and the rate of unemployment is very high. If we … Continue reading

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GSP Exporter Countries Weigh in on GSP Renewal

Yesterday, the Ambassadors to the United States from nine GSP beneficiary countries sent a joint-letter to Congressional leadership urging GSP renewal.  A copy of the letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Baucus is available here.  The Hill newspaper picked up … Continue reading

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