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On Oregon Primary Day, Watch Senator Wyden Talk About Need to Renew GSP

What better way to spend a few minutes on Oregon primary day than watching Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden (D-OR) talk about the importance of GSP renewal? In the clip below, Senator Wyden discusses how GSP is an … Continue reading

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GSP Importers Go Above and Beyond to Promote Global Development

While we generally focus on the benefits to U.S. companies of the GSP program, it is important to remember that sourcing from GSP countries has a positive impact on the lives of workers and their families in developing countries. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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American Families Benefit from GSP Imports – Even If They Don’t Know It

One of the great benefits of trade, and imports specifically, is that individuals can reap the rewards without taking the time to be an active participant in trading activities. Americans do not have to travel to Central and South America … Continue reading

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The GSP Renewal Post We’ve Been Waiting to Write

This week we received an email from someone at Primetac, a GSP supporter list company in Little Ferry, New Jersey. We’ve been waiting for an email like this for a long time – much too long – so it’s with … Continue reading

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Time for Congress to Recognize That Imports Work by Renewing GSP

Over the last week, we’ve highlighted the ways that GSP supports American jobs, lowers costs for families, helps domestic producers compete, and promotes economic development abroad. Yet that is only true when GSP is in effect, and GSP has been … Continue reading

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GSP in 2013: Companies Should’ve Saved…Could’ve Hired?

According to new data released last week, American companies imported $18.5 billion worth of GSP-eligible products in 2013. GSP should have reduced taxes on those companies by nearly $700 million. Instead, companies had to pay about $280 million in higher … Continue reading

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More than 400 American Organizations Calling on Congress to Renew GSP

Six more companies added their names to the GSP Supporter List since yesterday, bringing the total to 404 American companies and associations calling for the immediate, retroactive renewal of the GSP program. The 380+ companies on the list are incredibly … Continue reading

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