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The Importance of Renewing GSP

All week we’ve been discussing the importance of GSP for American jobs, families, manufacturing, and global development as part of the 5th Annual Imports Work week. These benefits generally are recognized – when Congress last renewed GSP there were big … Continue reading

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GSP Importers Go Above and Beyond to Promote Global Development

While we generally focus on the benefits to U.S. companies of the GSP program, it is important to remember that sourcing from GSP countries has a positive impact on the lives of workers and their families in developing countries. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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GSP Imports Help American Manufacturers Compete

Discussions about trade often present a false dichotomy: if exports are good and then imports must be bad. This oversimplified view lends itself to policy prescriptions that encourage exporters and discourage importers, yet the real world is much more complicated. … Continue reading

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American Families Benefit from GSP Imports – Even If They Don’t Know It

One of the great benefits of trade, and imports specifically, is that individuals can reap the rewards without taking the time to be an active participant in trading activities. Americans do not have to travel to Central and South America … Continue reading

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Importance of GSP Imports for American Jobs

The 2016 presidential elections have focused a lot on trade – and not in a good way. The remaining candidates on both sides of the aisle seem to be jockeying for the mantle of “Most Protectionist.” In current environment, it … Continue reading

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Coalition for GSP Joins with Leading Trade Groups to Announce 5th Annual “Imports Work” Week

Yesterday, the Coalition for GSP joined with nearly two dozen leading trade groups to announce that the fifth annual “Imports Work” Week will take place from May 9-13, 2016. A study unveiled during Imports Work Week in 2013 found that … Continue reading

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American Manufacturers Face Higher Costs Because of Continued GSP Expiration

Like the jobs debate, many people assume that if exports are goods for US manufacturers, imports must be bad. When it comes to GSP, nothing could further from the truth. Raw materials, components, and parts have accounted for more than … Continue reading

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