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Background Information on the GSP Program

  • The GSP program was established in 1974
  • GSP saved American companies $749 million on $19.9 billion in imports in 2012
  • GSP supports 82,000 American jobs moving imports from ports to retail shelves
  • GSP eliminates tariffs on 3,400 products from about 130 developing countries, and 1,450 more products from least-developed countries
  • GSP excludes China
  • GSP expired on July 31, 2013 because Congress could not pass renewal legislation
  • GSP expiration raises taxes by $2 million per day on American companies
  • More than 600 companies and associations have called for immediate GSP renewal (last updated 9/15/2014)

For more information on GSP eligibility, administration, and usage, download the Coalition’s latest GSP annual report.

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