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Year-to-Date GSP Savings By State through July 2016

In the first seven months of 2016, GSP saved American companies about $410 million in eliminated tariffs. New Hampshire joined the list of states for which GSP eliminated at least $1 million in tariffs on imports, bringing the total to … Continue reading

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Small Business Paid $250,000 in INTEREST on Bank Loans to Stay Afloat During GSP Expiration

Last week, we profiled two companies (Summit Specialty International in Georgia and Sophia Foods in New York) that have bounced bounced strongly since Congress renewed GSP. Despite difficulties faced during the GSP lapse, both have more workers – and provide … Continue reading

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It isn’t 1810

“It is an extremely arbitrary and outdated tariff. Our politicians need to realize we operate in a global economy now; it isn’t 1810.” That comment was provided by Alex Livingston, President of Summit Specialty International in Alpharetta, Georgia, in response … Continue reading

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GSP Renewal Allows New York Small Business to Refill Positions Lost During Expiration – and Then Some

Last week, we received a response to our new GSP renewal impacts survey from Candace Abitbul from Sophia Foods in Brooklyn, New York. Candace and her husband Danny, who own the small business together, have repeatedly shared their GSP story … Continue reading

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New Jersey Small Business Explains Impacts of GSP Expiration, Renewal

EVCO International is a small business in Manalapan, New Jersey that imports marble kitchenware and bath accessories from Indonesia and India and kettles from Thailand. When GSP expired and EVCO tried to raises prices, sales fell. Higher costs impacted both … Continue reading

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GSP Renewal Survey (Preliminary Results): 55% of Respondents Incorporate GSP Imports into Exports

On Friday, we published the first preliminary finding from our new GSP renewal survey: that nearly 1 in 4 companies was still waiting for refunds after one year. Today, we want to highlight the responses to another question that had … Continue reading

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GSP Renewal Saved American Companies $57 Million in November

GSP renewal appears to be having a very positive impact on American companies – and their sourcing from GSP countries. Based on data released last week, American importers saved $57 million in November 2015 as a result of the program’s┬áreinstatement … Continue reading

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