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What Could They Have Accomplished if GSP Had Been Renewed?

One of our Coalition members has been racking up accolades recently: 2013 INC 5000 member 2013 state “manufacturer of the year” nominee 2014 INC 5000 member (albeit a much lower rank) 2014 county chamber “small business of the year” winner … Continue reading

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NAM Says It’s Time to Renew GSP

Yesterday, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) wrote about the negative impact of GSP expiration on…not surprisingly…manufacturers. At the most basic level, because of GSP expiration “many manufacturers’ costs are higher and their competitiveness undermined.” This of course is a … Continue reading

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Three Years of Work – Threatened by GSP Expiration

Earlier today we received a call from a small chemical supplier with questions about potential GSP expiration. They were concerned that shipments (currently) scheduled to arrive at the end of July might be delayed a few days into early August … Continue reading

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GSP Works for American Manufacturing

All too often, people think a product is either “Made in USA” or made somewhere else.  Yet American manufacturers use imported components to reduce costs or gain access to materials not available in the United States.  Similarly, imports often contain … Continue reading

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