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Updated GSP Supporter List by CD

With its most recent update, our Supporter List now includes companies operating in 41 states and 240 congressional districts.  You can download the list of GSP Supporters by district here.  You can add your company name by emailing here. If … Continue reading

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“We Could Hire Another Employee if GSP is Renewed”

That’s from one of the newest responses to our GSP expiration poll.  More than 75 percent of this small, Arizona-based company’s revenues come from products imported under GSP, so it has experienced across-the-board cost increases since GSP expired. Often, the … Continue reading

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GSP Supporter List Continues to Grow

Nearly two months after posting our GSP Supporter List, companies continue contacting us and requesting to be added.  In fact, we added 9 new companies today, bringing our total to 220 organizations. The full list is available here. If you … Continue reading

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Quick Hits from GSP Expiration Poll

About 90 companies have responded to our GSP Expiration Poll.  If your company is impacted and you haven’t responded yet, please do so at the link above!  We’ll compile a formal report after we get some more responses, but a … Continue reading

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GSP Renewal Prognosis: “little progress will be made toward an agreement”

That’s the takeaway from an article in today’s Roll Call about sleeping bags and GSP renewal.  The article notes that Senator Sessions is content to block GSP renewal because “he believes he’s on the side of fairness.” Do you think … Continue reading

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How can there be growth if we cannot afford to hire?

That question was asked by a respondent to our GSP Expiration Poll.*  Unfortunately, the question is not simply rhetorical.  The Connecticut-based company has less than 25 employees, but its tariff payments have increased by $45,000 to $70,000 per month since … Continue reading

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Small Business Lays Off Worker, Cuts Back Benefits

More than 50 companies have responded to our GSP expiration poll.  We’re particularly grateful for the responses that provide the context in which companies are dealing with GSP expiration and the new tariff costs.  If you don’t think Congress needs … Continue reading

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