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GSP Saved American Companies $58 Million in July 2016

In July, the GSP program saved American companies $58 million on about $1.5 billion in imports. GSP saved U.S. companies $410 million in the first seven months of 2016. In the one year since renewal, GSP saved American companies about … Continue reading

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GSP Survey Responses from Companies in Ways and Means Districts

The House Ways and Means Committee is currently holding a hearing on the trade agenda, so it seems appropriate to highlight survey responses from companies located in Ways and Means members’ districts. You can see previous survey responses here, here, … Continue reading

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GSP Reauthorization Survey: Preliminary Answers

With a new GSP bill introduced on Thursday, we launched a new survey yesterday to help show why swift passage of the GSP renewal legislation is critical for US businesses. We expect a number of trade hearings the week of … Continue reading

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One Day of GSP Expiration – Who Paid the Price on July 17?

We frequently note that each day of GSP expiration costs American importers nearly $2 million in additional taxes. We also highlight the diverse GSP importers that are on the supporter list. But we don’t know how many other GSP importers … Continue reading

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More than 400 American Organizations Calling on Congress to Renew GSP

Six more companies added their names to the GSP Supporter List since yesterday, bringing the total to 404 American companies and associations calling for the immediate, retroactive renewal of the GSP program. The 380+ companies on the list are incredibly … Continue reading

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A-GSPC Ambassadors Urge Congress to Renew GSP

Earlier this week, our friends at the Alliance for GSP Countries (A-GSPC) sent a letter to congressional leaders signed by the Ambassadors from Algeria, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Fiji, Georgia, Indonesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, and Yemen.  … Continue reading

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GSP Rocks

Imagine a world with no wailing solos from future Eric Claptons….or ballads from the next Stevie Wonder…or drum beats from….this kid. GSP might not teach kids how to play their instruments, but it does make them more affordable.  In 2010, … Continue reading

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